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This is not a complete list of players from the 1970-71 season - nor indeed a full list of every player who appears on the site - far from it.

This is specifically an A to Z of those players on the site who have a claim to their own page.

Hence note : Team pages will have plenty of information about some players who still do not have their own page.

First Divsion teams unless stated in brackets.



Ivor Allchurch - Haverfordwest County (Welsh League Premier Division)

Steve Aizlewood - Newport County (Division 4)

Enrico Albertosi - Cagliari (Italy)

Jimmy Armfield - Blackpool

Ron Ashman - Scunthorpe United manager (Division 4)

Jeff Astle - West Bromwich Albion

Ron Atkinson - Oxford United (Division 2)

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David Bairstow - (Third Division)

Kieron Baker - Bournemouth and Boscombe Athletic (Division 4)

Alan Ball - Everton

Gordon Banks - Stoke City

John Barker - Scunthorpe United (Division 4)

Ted Bates - Southampton (Manager)

Rod Belfit - Leeds United

Colin Bell - Manchester City

Clyde Best - West Ham United

David Best - Ipswich Town

George Best - Manchester United

Jeff Blockley - Coventry City

Peter Bonetti - Chelsea

Billy Bremner - Leeds United

- All the pictures at Billy Bremner

Trevor Brooking - West Ham United

Tarcisio Burnich - Inter Milan, Star Players of Mexico 1970

Sir Matt Busby - Manchester United (General Manager)

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Frank Casper - Burnley

Nigel Cassidy - Scunthorpe United (Division 4)

Mick Channon - Southampton

Clive Charles - West Ham United (no picture)

John Charles (1) and John Charles (2)- West Ham United

Bobby Charlton - Manchester United

Jack Charlton - Leeds United

Bobby Clark - Aberdeen (Scottish Division 1)

Allan Clarke - Leeds United

Bobby Collins - Morton (Scottish Division 1)

Eddie Colquhoun - Sheffield United (Division 2)

Mick Coop - Coventry City

Terry Cooper - Leeds United

Joe Corrigan - Manchester City

Ray Crawford - Colchester United (Division 4)

Tony Currie - Sheffield United (Division 2)

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Ron Davies - Southampton

Kazimierz Deyna - Legia Warsaw (Poland)

Derek Dougan - Wolverhampton Wanderers

Eamonn Dunphy - Millwall (Division 2)

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Keith Eddy - Watford (Division 2)

Mike England - Tottenham Hotspur

Eusebio - Benfica (Portugal)

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Giacinto Facchetti - Inter Milan (Italy)

Alex Ferguson - Falkirk (Scottish Division 1)

Bobby Ferguson - West Ham United

Graham Foxton - Scunthorpe United (Division 4)

Trevor Francis - Birmingham City (Division 2)

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Charlie George - Arsenal

Johnny Giles - Leeds United

Alan Gilzean - Tottenham Hotspur

Ian Gilzean - son

Dave Gorman - Scottish Division Two

George Graham - Arsenal

Bobby Graham - Liverpool

Eddie Gray - Leeds United

Frank Gray - Leeds United youth

Ray Graydon - Bristol Rovers (Division 3)

Jimmy Greaves - West Ham United

Tony Green - Blackpool

Arfon Griffiths - Wrexham (Division 3)

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Ron Harris - Chelsea

David Hay - Celtic (Scottish Division 1)

Steve Heighway (Liverpool squad)

Terry Hennessey - Derby County

Alan Hinton - Derby County

Trevor Hockey - Birmingham City (Division 2)

Peter Houseman - Chelsea

Roger Hunt - Bolton Wanderers (Division 2)

Norman Hunter - Leeds United

Geoff Hurst - West Ham United

Tommy Hutchison - Blackpool


David Icke - Coventry City

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Glyn James - Blackpool

Pat Jennings - Tottenham Hotspur

Jimmy Johnstone - Celtic (Scottish Division One)

Mick Jones - Leeds United

Roger Jones - Blackburn Rovers (Division Two)

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John Kaye - West Bromwich Albion

Kevin Keegan - Scunthorpe United (Division 4)

Steve Kember - Crystal Palace

Joe Kinnear - Tottenham Hotspur squad

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Billy Laing - Crystal Palace youth team

Denis Law - Manchester United squad

Frank Lampard - West Ham United

Glan Letheran - (non-70-71 player)

Peter Lorimer - Leeds United

Bert Lutton - Wolverhampton Wanderers

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Mc / Mac

Malcolm MacDonald - Luton Town (Division Two)

Danny McGrain - Celtic (Scottish Division One)

John McGrath - Southampton

David Mackay - Derby County


John Mahoney - Stoke City

Cesare Maldini - A.C. Milan (Italy)

Arthur Mann - Manchester City

Rodney Marsh - QPR (Division Two)

Bertie Mee - Arsenal manager

Alan Merrick - West Bromwich Albion

Bobby Moore - West Ham United

Willie Morgan - Manchester United

Gerd Mueller - Star Player of Mexico 1970 (West Germany)

Alan Mullery - Tottenham Hotspur

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John Osborne - West Bromwich Albion

Peter Osgood - Chelsea

Syd Owen - Leeds United coach

Terry Owen - Bradford City (Third Division)

Michael Owen - son

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Terry Paine - Southampton

Pelé - Brazil, Star Player of Mexico 1970

Martin Peters - Tottenham Hotspur

David Pleat - Peterborough United

Cec Podd - Bradford City (Third Division)

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Sir Alf Ramsey - England manager

Harry Redknapp - West Ham United

Also : Jamie Redknapp - son and

Louise - Daughter-in-Law.

Don Revie - Leeds United Manager

Bruce Rioch - Aston Villa (Third Division)

Bobby Robson - Ipswich Town Manager

Bryan 'Pop'Robson - Newcastle United

Roberto Rosato - AC Milan

Joe Royle - Everton

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David Sadler - Manchester United

Carlo Sartori - Manchester United

Peter Shilton - Leicester City (Division Two)

David Sloan Oxford United (Division Two)

Tommy Smith - Liverpool

Gary Sprake - Leeds United

Nobby Stiles - Manchester United

Mike Summerbee - Manchester City

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Bobby Tambling - Crystal Palace

John Tedesco - Bristol Rovers (Division 3)

Mike Trebilcock - Portsmouth (Division 2)

Dennis Tueart - Sunderland

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Ken Wagstaff - Hull City (Division 2)

Colin Waldron - Burnley

Gordon West - Everton

Willie Whigham - Middlesbrough (Division 2)

Howard Wilkinson - Brighton and Hove Albion (Division 3)

Frank Worthington - Huddersfield Town

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Dino Zoff - Napoli (Italy)

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