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See all the players' pictures and League career totals on Nigel Mercer's site at
FKS 1970-71 - Burnley

See Andy Robinson's story at Clarets MAD - 70-71 story

Burnley 1970-71

Back row left to right: Ralph Coates, Dave Wilson, Colin Waldron, Eric Probert, Steve Kindon, Peter Mellor, Dave Merrington, John Angus, Tony Waiters.
Back row: Mick Docherty, Dave Thomas, Alan West, Martin Dobson

A&BC Bubblegum cards for 1970-71

A&BC Bubblegum cards for Burnley 1970-71

David Thomas Arthur Bellamy John Angus
Dave Merrington Les Latcham Steve Kindon

Click to see A&BC cards full size

Original Football League members no less, and back in 1970-71 it was only ten years since their last Championship (59-60). In 1960-61, Spurs double year, the team scored 102 goals, and in 1961-62, they were runners-up in the League and FA Cup ... only the more senior fans will remember this now. Indeed, memories of Division 4 are nearer, but lets face it, the Burnley match is ALWAYS the biggest fixture for most clubs' season.

My main Burnley memory is spending whole Economics lessons talking Burnley / Leeds / Arsenal with our Burnley obsessed teacher, Tony Lehain (click to see), a classic example of a Burnley fan (i.e. deluded into beleiving that the next Championship is just around the corner). Note the manager, Jimmy Adamson, he went on to manage Leeds as the great team were splitting up. He is famous at Leeds for the phrase, 'Adamson Out' ... he was none too popular ...

World of Soccer Star Players ...

Note: The 1st number is the picture number.
The team in italics is the team that player played most League games for.
1959-72 : 1959 year first signed forms, 72 =1972-73 last season of English League Football.
The biography appeared in the appropriate place in the 1970-71 album.

Club information in 1970-71 :-

Founded : 1881. Ground: Turf Moor. Attendance record : 54,775

League Champions: 1921, 1960 ;

F.A. Cup Winners : 1914.

Manager : Jimmy Adamson

Where are they now ? See November 2002, Caught In Time

See Jimmy Adamson and Jimmy Adamson

31. John Angus.

Born : Warkworth, 2 September, 1938.

"Resolute full-back and Turf Moor's longest serving player from the age of 16. Has gained honours at youth, Under-23 and the Leagueas well as one full cap. Made his bow v Everton in September 1956 at 17 years.Ht. 5ft. 11 1/2in. Wt. 12.9.."

Played 1955-1971 Burnley, .

Burnley and Career total : 439 League games, 4 League goals.

Internationals: England 1

Where are they now ? : See Pringle and Fissler, Caught In Time

32. Arthur Bellamy.

Born : Consett, 5 April, 1942.

"Has appeared in a variety of positions of defence and attack and has recovered from a broken leg in recent seasons, Was recruited from schooland has been a paid performer since June 1959. Debut during March 1963. Ht. 5ft. 8 1/2 in. Wt. 9. 10 1/2."

Played 1959-1975 Burnley, Chesterfield.

Burnley total : 217 League games, 29 League goals.

Career total : 350 League games, 41 League goals.

Where are they now ? See November 2002 and (on another site) Arthur Bellamy

Career 2004 - : 2004-2005, 2005-2006, 2006-2007

See Sons and Daughters: Sons

33. Frank Casper (Click name to see a picture of Frank).

Born : Barnsley, 9 December, 1944.

"Barnsley born central striker, who developed with Rotherham United and was transfered for a 40,000 pound fee in June 1967 five years after he became a professional. Once starred with Yorkshire boys and has League honours. Ht. 5 ft. 9 1/2 in. Wt. 10.7."

Played 19-19 Rotherham United, Burnley, .

Burnley total : 237 League games, 74 League goals.

Career total : 339 League games, 99 League goals.

Where are they now ? : See Pringle and Fissler

34. Ralph
Coates (Click here for a contemporary interview with Ralph, ).

Born : Hetton-le-Hole, 26 April, 1946.

"Tricky little forward either as a schemer or a winger. Won his first full cap v Ireland in April 1970 having earlier won Under-23 and League recognition. Burnley development and given his baptism in December 1964. Ht. 5 ft. 7 1/4 in. Wt. 11. 9 1/2."

Played 1963-1980 Burnley, .

Burnley total : 216 League games, 26 League goals.

Career total : 480 League games, 52 League goals.

Internationals: England 4 caps

Where are they now ? January 2002

Ralph is on Match of the Day 2 feature, see Autumn 2005

See FROM BURNLEY TO BIG TIME, Ralph Coates and Ralph Coates

35. Doug

Born : Blackwell, 28 August, 1945.

" Secured from Grimsby Town in September1968 this Grimsby product has been a professional since June 1963. Quick fair haired winger, who has made progress since his amateur days to make many first division appearances. Ht. 5 ft. 8 1/2 in. Wt. 10.3"

Played 1963-1978 (Rotherham United apprentice), Grimsby Town, Burnley, Plymouth Argyle, Sunderland, (Tulsa USA), Rochdale.

Burnley total : 187 League games, 18 League goals.

Career total : 327 League games, 29 League goals.

Where are they now ? : See December 2003


36. Martin

Born : Blackburn, 14 February, 1948.

" Was a centre forward when he came on trial, moved later to a midfield position but has now settled down as centre back winning Under-23 honours. Once on Bolton's books. A professional since 1967. Ht. 5 ft. 11 1/2 in. Wt. 11.6 "

Played 1966-1985 Bolton Wanderers, Burnley, Everon, Burnley, Bury.

Burnley total : 410 League games, 63 League goals.

Career total : 661 League games, 96 League goals.

Internationals: England 5 caps

Where are they now ? : See Pringle and Fissler


37. Mike Docherty.

Born : Preston, 29 October, 1950.

" Had a spell on Chelsea's books when his father was manager but then linked up as an apprentice at Turf Moor becoming a full professional in November 1967. Full back was captain of the youth team. Youth cap. Ht. 5 ft. 6 1/2 in. Wt. 9.8 1/2. "

Played 19-19 Burnley, Manchester City , Sunderland.

Burnley total : 153 League games, 0 League goals.

Career total : 234 League games, 6 League goals.

Where are they now ? : Career 1999- : See 1999-2000, 2000-2001, 2001-2002, 2002-2003, 2003-2004, 2005-2006, 2006-2007, 2007- 2008

Mick leaves Burnley for the third time, see Summer 2004

Mick joins Gillingham as Assistant Manager to Ronnie Jepson, January 2006

Mick becomes Gillingham's joint caretaker manager 10 September 2007, then leaves the club 10 October 2007, see Autumn 07

See Sons and Daughters : Father

38. Steve

Born : Warrington, 17 December, 1950.

" Former England youth international winger who was an outstanding sportsman at school. After his apprenticeship turned to the paid ranks in December 1967 and made his initial appearance in 1968-69 at the age of 18. Ht. 5 ft. 11 in. Wt. 12.0 "

Played 1967-1981 Burnley, Wolverhampton Wanderers, Burnley, Huddersfiled Town. (Note: Burnley games total from both spells at the club was higher than at Wolves)

Burnley total : 185 League games, 46 League goals.

Career total : 396 League games, 109 League goals.

Where are they now ? : See Pringle and Fissler

For Steve at Wolves see kindon

For Steve at Huddersfield Town see Steve Kindon

39. Les

Born : Crook, 22 December, 1942.

" Another versatile performerfor the club he has turned out in several attacking and defensive positions, but in recent years has settled as full-back. Ex-Crook Town and ten years a paid performer. Ht. 5 ft. 8 3/4 in. Wt. 10.8 "

Played 1960-1973 Burnley, Plymouth Argyle, Bradford City.

Burnley total: 153 League games, 10 League goals.

Career total: 251 League games, 25 League goals.

Where are they now ? : See November 2002

40. Peter

Born : Prestbury, 20 November, 1947.

" Once a youth international goalkeeper for England whist on the Manchester City roster during 1965-66 but joined the club from Witton Albionafter a trial in April 1969. Fallowfield born ex-Lancashire schools and youth. Ht. 5 ft. 11 in. Wt. 12.4."

Played 1969-1980 (Witton Albion), Burnley, Chesterfield (loan), Fulham, Hereford United, Portsmouth.

Burnley total : 69 League games, 0 League goals.

Career total : 424 League games, 0 League goals.

Where are they now ? : See Pringle and Fissler

41. Dave

Born : Newcastle, 26 January, 1945.

" Skippered the side from the middle lineat 22 having made his first appearances in the League sidefive years ago. A north-east product he turned professionalin February 1962 after a period as an apprentice. Ht. 5 ft. 11 1/2 in. Wt. 12.5 "

Played 1962-1971 Burnley, Bristol City.

Burnley and Career total : 98 League games, 1 League goal.

Where are they now ? : See Pringle and Fissler and December 2002

Dave leaves Walsall, see September 2002

Dave commentates on FA Cup Final, see May 2003

See Rothmans 2002-2003

See Commentators

42. Eric

Born : South Kirkby, 17 February, 1952. Died September 2005

" A South Elmsall Schools product he became an apprentice in August 1967 and made his League debut at the age of 16 in November 1968 against Arsenal. Turned professioanl in February 1969. Either midfield or attack. Ht.5 ft. 7 1/2 in. Wt.10.9 1/2. "

Played 1969-1979 Burnley, Notts County, Darlington.

Burnley total : 67 League games, 11 League goals.

Career total : 210 League games, 24 League goals.

Where are they now ? : See Pringle and Fissler

See Obituary

43. Dave

Born : Kirkby-in-Ashfield, 5 October, 1950.

" Was Burnley's youngest Division One debutant at 16 years 7 months in May 1967. Winger or schemer, he was a schoolboy and youth cap before gainingUnder -23 honours. Professional at Turf Moor since October 1967. Ht. 5 ft. 8 in. Wt. 10.3. "

Played 1967-1984 Burnley, Queen's Park Rangers, Everton, Wolverhampton Wanderes, (Vancouver Whitecaps - Canada), Middlesbrough, Portsmouth.

Burnley total : 157 League games, 19 League goals.

Career total : 458 League games, 52 League goals.

Internationals: England 8 caps

Where are they now ? : See Pringle and Fissler

44. Jim

Born : Glasgow, 1 October, 1946.

"A Scottish full-back who was signed from Chelseain September 1968 but had to wait till late last season before establishing a regular spot. To Stamford Bridge from Provenside Hibs in January 1965. Born Glasgow. Ht. 5 ft. 10 3/4 in. Wt. 11.11. "

Played 1965-1970 (Provanside Hibs), Chelsea, Burnley.

Burnley total : 297 League games, 3 League goals.

Career total : 336 League games, 4 League goals.

Where are they now ? : See November 2002

Colin Waldron. Click to see a picture of Colin.

Born : Bristol, 22 June, 1948.

" Was a 40,000 pound signing from Chelsea in October 1967 after only a short spell at Stamford Bridge. Fair haired pivot who began with Bury and made his bow at 18 four years ago. Division One skipper at 20. Ht. 6ft. in. Wt. 11.2. "

Played 1966-1979 Bury, Chelsea, Burnley, Manchester United, Sunderland, (Atlanta - USA) Rochdale.

Burnley total: 308 League games, 16 League goals.

Career total: 379 League games, 19 League goals.

Where are they now ? : See November 2002

Further squad members reported in Rothmans 1970-71...

Eddie Cliff (Listed as full-back)

E. Cliff (Listed as forward)

Billy Ingham Future Burnley regular.

Where are they now ? See November 2002

Leighton James Future Burnley, Derby, Q.P.R., Burnley, Wales and Burnley star, .

See Where are they now ?.

Becomes Director of Football to the League of Wales side, Port Talbot Town, see July 2001News

Sacked by Llanelli , see July 2003

On other sites see ...

See Leighton James

Peter Jones (Listed as full-back)

P. Jones (Listed as forward)

Rod Jones

L. Kinsella

D. McMahon

Geoff Nulty Future Burnley and Newcastle star.

J. Parton

Ray Ternent

Where are they now ? See November 2002

Sons and Daughters: Brothers

Tony Waiters Former England and Blackpool goalkeeper, who played most of the 70-71 season.

R. Welch

Alan West

David Wilson, who scored 20+ goals for Carlisle, Grimsby, and Chesterfield, plus others for Forest and Walsall ... but none for Burnley !

W. Wrigley

Further Club Staff include...


R.W. (Bob) Lord

Bob was Chairman from 1955 to 1981

Burnley's ground, Turf Moor, has a Bob Lord Stand named after Bob, see Statues

On Up the Clarets, see Bob Lord


F. Hartley

Dr R.D. Iven

Burnley's ground, Turf Moor, has a Dr Iven Suite, see Statues

R. Boothman

R. Hargreaves

General Manager:

Harry Potts

Harry Potts Way is now Burnley's club address. There is also a Harry Potts Lounge named after him in the ground. See Statues


A. Maddox J.P.

Burnley's ground, Turf Moor, has a Albert Maddox Suite, see Statues

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Andy Robinson's site at Clarets MAD - the definitive Burnley website comes very highly recommended.
Whilst there be sure to visit,
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Note: Birth information and League career statistics from:
"The PFA Premier and Football League Players' Records 1946-1998"
Edited and compiled by Barry J. Hugman. Lennard Queen Anne Press, 1998.


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